Simple SEO Forecasting

Forecast and model your performance for the next 12 months across organic traffic, revenue and ROI.

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Organic Sessions Forecast (12 Month)

FutureThought takes SEO forecasting off your hands.

The model comes with a base 12 month forecast alongside a three month moving average using historical data from Google Analytics.

You can also model additional growth on your forecast. Perfect to highlight opportunity at pitches, or to showcase the value of SEO internally.

Automatically updates every month, so you can see last month's performance, next month's predicted performance and an on-going forecast summary that becomes more accurate over time.

Organic Revenue Forecast (12 Month)

Tying revenue performance to SEO projections has long been a challenge, until now.

This model takes the organic sessions forecast and estimates on average order value and conversion rate to forecast your organic revenue (across any currency) for the next 12 months.

Organic ROI Forecast (12 Month)

Want to prove the value of SEO over time?

Input all of your retained and fixed costs and the model will forecast your return on investment across the forecast period.

The value of tying actual revenue to SEO forecasting is huge. FutureThought easily solves that challenge. For anyone looking to predict the financial impact of SEO changes, FutureThought is a game-changer.Cyrus Shepard, Zyppy

Provide accurate forecasts for your clients or teams that update every month

Forecasting has been a challenge in SEO forever. FutureThought makes it easier for you by providing traffic, revenue and ROI forecasts that update every month with actual data, so that all you need to focus on is delivering on them.

The SEO Forecasting Model is interactive with inputs so that you can model different scenarios in real-time. Ask questions of your data such as:

  • If we achieve 10-15% growth on top of the base forecast, what would happen to revenue?
  • If monthly costs were to increase to £4,000, what would the ROI be?


Simple Monthly Pricing

£30/ month

Single Model

For one website
Unlimited support
Free updates (Data Studio reporting suite coming soon)
£70/ month

Multiple Models

For three websites
Unlimited support
Free updates (Data Studio reporting suite coming soon)
££/ month


For * websites
Unlimited support
Free updates (Data Studio reporting suite coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

What support do I get?
I'll be available and responsive on email for any questions you have on the model. If you also need a customised pricing plan or a bespoke model created, please get in touch.
How long does it take to set up?
It takes between 3-5 days to set up the SEO Forecasting model, or the Forecasting Playground.
What access do I need to provide?
You'll need to add the FutureThought email as a user in Google Analytics for the SEO Forecasting Model. For the Forecasting Playground, the FutureThought email will also need to be added as user in Google Search Console.
How much historical data is needed?
The last two years organic sessions and revenue/conversion data is needed to determine an accurate base forecast.
Why is the Forecasting Playground a fixed fee?
The initial set up is time intensive which wouldn't work as part of a monthly fee. If you have more than 3 SEO Forecasting Models, please get in touch for a discount.
Can I get access to the raw data?
Yes. All of the variables from the model will be available in a Google Sheets source that you can use to integrate with your reporting. Like the model, this will automatically update every month.
What are the models built with?
The SEO Forecasting model is built with Causal using a Google Sheets source. The SEO Playground is built with Data Studio and shares data from the SEO Forecasting Model in Causal.
What's the forecasting period?
The model uses a 12 month base forecast from the current month. The 12 month forecasting period is fixed but please get in touch if you need a base reforecast or need to change the 12 month forecasting period.
Does the model update every month?
Yes. The forecast period is fixed but the forecast summary will update with actual organic session and revenue data every month. The 3 month moving average will also update every month, as well as last and next month summaries.

Tried and tested from an experienced SEO consultant

Following 10 years in SEO, I created FutureThought after becoming frustrated with building overly complex models in spreadsheets to make up for the lack of tools on the market.

My aim is to provide simple, well-documented models so that you can plan ahead and become more confident in predicting future performance.

Andrew Charlton, Founder FutureThought

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